About Us

HUMAN RIGHTS AND EMPOWERMENT PROJECT LTD/GTE (HREP) is a non-governmental organization that seeks to make democracy work for every Nigerian, especially the millions of ordinary people caught
under the yoke of poverty, unemployment, victimization, intimidation, brutality by law enforcement agents, human rights abuses and all manner of injustice.

At these times when so many Nigerians are cast under the manacles of severe human suffering and hopelessness, stemming from the tempestuous tides of chronic misgovernment and convoluted corruption, HREP strives to bring succor to these millions of dispirited and crestfallen citizens, and to raise a beacon of light to dispel the gloom of hopelessness especially in the hearts of the youth who are
apprehensive of a bleak future in an otherwise rich country of theirs.

HREP is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a charitable organization. In partnership with credible organizations and people of goodwill, HREP delivers on its core mandate without compromising its fundamental values.