What We Do

1. PUBLIC INTEREST/HUMAN RIGHTS LITIGATION/ADVOCACY Through strategic litigation and advocacy HREP holds government officials accountable for failures of governance, corrupt practices and acts inimical to the welfare of ordinary people.

HREP also promotes access to justice and upholds the rights of the downtrodden by ensuring that wherever there is a right a remedy must ensue through robust challenge of human right abuses anywhere it occurs, on the premise that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

HREP maintains hotlines for reporting of gross human rights abuses anywhere in the country. With a retinue of activist volunteer lawyers located in different cities across the nation on its data base, HREP is
able to quickly intervene in genuine cases of human rights abuses, and render pro bono (free) legal services to bring justice to victims of such violations.

2. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT HREP deploys programmes of education, re-orientation, mentoring and motivation to empower millions of Nigerian youths and thus raise a critical mass of patriotic leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, motivated and highly skilled human capital who are disciplined, responsible, selfless and imbued with the requisite positive mental attitude to work, leadership and service. HREP aims at reaching millions of Nigerian youths and positively transforming their lives by
equipping them with the critical skills conducive to creativity, innovativeness, productivity and self-reliance, and by that means extricate them from the clutches of debilitating and disempowering privations.

And what is more, HREP seeks to galvanize an exuberant throng of positively oriented and highly effective youths that can push the envelope in the sphere of social cum political transformation in

By these endeavours, the objective is to engender amongst our youths a resurgence of the values of hope, patience, courage, discipline, altruism, hard-work, and integrity, by leading them gingerly through the sinuous path of self-discovery to the high road of great individual accomplishments and selfless service to humanity.

HREP organizes an annual youth empowerment seminar, which is usually help in a different State of Nigeria every year to ensure that as many youths as possible are reached across the country with the
transformative impact of our powerful seminars. HREP has set up a Resource Centre at Awka, Anambra State to the end of having a sustained engagement of youths in the country and driving home the
life-changing lessons of the annual seminars. With a battery of other activities such as provision of start-up grants, intensive online and physical training exercises, business and career guidance/counseling, mentoring and motivational exercises, creativity challenge, job and scholarship placement services, etc, HREP provides tangible values to millions of Nigerian youths to give a new direction, a sense of purpose, and an invigorating breath of fresh air to their lives.